On Wed March 13th community members flooded the front room of a Chapel Hill restaurant in Solidarity with someone who, after 2 months, has yet to be paid for time they worked. Who is this restaurant owner? What restaurant is this?

Stay tuned to find out if we should thank him for paying what is owed or if we need to make this public and ask for your help in convincing the owner to do the right thing.

¿Salario robado?

¿Problemas con el propietario?

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Somos una red voluntaria de trabajadores que nos defendemos con acción colectiva.

Stolen wages?

Landlord problems?

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NC Solidarity Network

We are a volunteer network of working people who defend each other through collective action.

مشاكل مع مؤجر؟

أجور مسروقة؟

اتصلونا في رقم تليفون ٩١٩٣٩١٠٢٨٧

منظمة التضامن كارواينا الشمالية

نحن منظمة تطوعية العماليين الذين .يدافعون عن بعضهم البعض من خلال العمل الجماعي

Fausses rémunérations, paye inappropriate?

Des problèmes avec votre propriétaire?

Nous contacter au: ‪919-391-0287‬ ou contact@ncsolidarity.net

NC Solidarity Network

Nous sommes un réseau de travailleurs bénévoles qui se défendent par l'action collective.

To support us financially please show up and pay for something or help someone in need. Thanks.